A Security Solution to Protect Your Loved Ones


ProTag™ is a wearable technology that serves as a body-guard for the wearer.

Started from: August 2018
Current status: Finalizing prototype


How much of time could you wait when you’re in danger?

Averagely, the quickest response time of police, ambulance and bomba are 10 minutes. The problem is, a lot can happen within 10 minutes. We could not afford the wait, especially when our dearest ones are in danger. Hence, we want to design a wearable technology that can shorten the waiting time during emergency circumstances.

Defeat the Crimes

Market Acceptance

Stay tuned for further development of the project!
For inquiries, please email to or call 0356118732

Protag Team

Words from Launch-IN

With the rising in self-awareness for security, ProTag™ enables everyone to protect yourself the persons you love.
It will definitely be the next big thing!

Support Protag

ProTag™ is currently backed by Launch-IN. If you’re interested in this project, please write to us. We will notify you when it is available for investment.

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